Thursday, March 2, 2023

From the CTKG Cabinet: Meet Shaan!

Hello! My name is Shaan Patel. I am a member of the 2023 Kid Governor's Cabinet. I live in Southbury and I go to Pomperaug Elementary School. I am so excited to work with Kid Governor Ellie Mendez and the other Cabinet Members during our one-year term to help make Connecticut a better place!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I love to play soccer! I’ve been playing soccer since I was 3 years old and I want to play professionally when I am older. I want to play for Manchester United.  Also, I love to play with my puppies. I have two puppies and their names are Storm and Stella. My favorite subject in school is math and my favorite food is blueberries. My leadership qualities include being fair, being kind, being helpful, and being organized.

I was inspired to run for office by Governor Ned Lamont. He helps so many people in our state and I want to be just like him. My platform I chose is Valuing The Elderly. I chose this platform for lots of reasons. One reason I chose this platform was because my great-grandma passed away recently and I thought many times that I didn’t spend a lot of time with her. I wish I had spent more time with her so she knew how much people cared about her, like me. Second, I noticed that people don’t always do things to show that they value the elderly. It is not what people think about every day. Finally, I thought it was a strong platform because I love the idea of helping others.  

I have a three-point plan to support my platform. My three-point plan is:

1) Have special elder days in towns, schools, and communities. These days can include storytime, lunch, and fun activities. I think this allows us to get to know the elders and show them how we care about them so much!

2) Become pen pals with our elders so we can write to each other and stay in touch. This will help them know that we don’t forget about them!

3) Make cards for our elders to show them how much we care about them. We can do this on holidays, occasions, and special days. This will make them feel loved!

My class and some other classes at my school have already started making cards for the elders! The first cards we made were holiday cards. This included Christmas, Hanukkah, Three Kings Day, Kwanzaa, and New Years. We put a lot of hard work into these cards and delivered them to the Senior Center next to our school so they could feel loved during this holiday. Below is a picture of me, my brother, and my friend Michael holding the cards in front of the Senior Center. 

We also made Valentine's Day cards for the elders! I helped kids in the library make them, and other kids also made them in their classrooms. Then, we delivered them to the Senior Center. I think they really enjoyed reading their cards! Up next, from March to the end of the school year, my school is going to bring back something called Reader's Cafe. Before, it was when our parents or family members came in and read and had snacks. But this time, because of my platform, we are going to have elders come in and read and have snacks! I am looking forward to this special event. 

I've also been working with Kid Governor Ellie and the other Cabinet Members! During our first Cabinet Meeting in February, we did a scavenger hunt around Connecticut's Old State House to learn about the history of the building and other cool things. We got to know everyone a little more and talked about everything we will be doing in our one-year term. I can’t wait to work on my platform this year!

I've been a Cabinet Member for about a month, but there are already so many people I want to thank! 

  • Mr. Mendez - Mr.Mendez brought us Munchkins during our first Cabinet Meeting. Thank you so much Mr. Mendez.
  • Ms. Pitruzzello - Thank you for helping us during our first Kid Governor meeting.
  • Mrs. Mastropietro - Thank you for helping me get this far.
  • My Classmates - Thank you for supporting me and helping me to help make the elderly feel more valued.

I am also hoping other schools will help me with my platform this year! If you are working to help the elderly feel more valued in your community, tell me all about it! You can email me at Thank you! 

Shaan Patel
2023 Kid Governor's Cabinet 
Pomperaug Elementary School      

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

From the CTKG Cabinet: Meet Maxence!

Hi,  My name is Maxence Clementine and I’m a member of the 2023 Kid Governor’s Cabinet working with Kid Governor Ellie Mendez! I go to Long Meadow Elementary School in Middlebury. I love sports, especially soccer, and I am a Star Wars fan. At school, my favorite subjects are social studies and math! Fun fact: I am totally fluent in French. 

In this blog post, I would like to tell you a bit more about my community issue and what I intend to do this year. I will also tell you about Inauguration Day and our 1st Cabinet Meeting!

My platform addresses Cyberbullying. I chose this issue because many people in fifth grade and up use the internet and, unfortunately, we don’t seem to be protected enough. According to, “six out of ten young people have witnessed cyberbullying."  It really hurts my feelings knowing that people feel bad and sad because of cyberbullying. This is why I want to make a difference on this matter. I want to help kids know that they are not alone and how to react if they get cyberbullied.

My three-point platform is:

1) Spread awareness of cyberbullying with the support of a short video and other online resources.

2) Create a 10-step action plan about how to react if you are cyberbullied.

3) Create an Anti-Cyberbullying Day where teachers and students talk about this issue.

I began my term of office at Inauguration Day back in January. It was amazing! I felt so excited to be introduced to so many important people like Lt. Governor Susan Bysiewicz, Secretary of the State Stephanie Thomas, and many others! It was also incredible to take my Oath of Office in front of all my classmates. This day was really intense and interesting, and I will remember it forever. 

We also had our 1st Cabinet Meeting in February, and It was good to share with the other Cabinet Members about our respective platforms. We also received a portfolio binder and some business cards. I felt very professional! But the meeting was fun, too, as we did a scavenger hunt all around Connecticut's Old State House!

Finally, I want to tell you about the work I've done so far on my platform. I am still at the beginning of the process, but I will soon be working with Scott Driscoll, President of Internet Safety Concepts! I am sure he will be a great resource, especially for drafting my 10-step action plan. I’ll tell you more about it soon!

I would love to hear about how you are making a difference around Cyberbullying in your own community, or if you have been cyberbullied and want to share what helped you. Email me at to tell me about it! 

I feel so happy to be part of this journey and I will share more about it with you!

Maxence Clementine 
2023 Kid Governor's Cabinet 
Long Meadow Elementary School      

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

From the CTKG Cabinet: Meet Liliana!

Hi, my name is Liliana and I was a final candidate in the 2022 Connecticut’s Kid Governor election. I’m now a member of the 2023 Kid Governor’s Cabinet working with Kid Governor Ellie!

I ran on the platform that promotes the importance of literacy. I chose this issue because I know that a lot of people struggle with reading and there are a lot of ways that I can help make a difference. Reading is important because it has a big impact on your life. Reading helps you learn and understand things that you may not be able to experience physically.

My three-point platform is:

1) Create a YouTube channel of kids reading books so that those without access or with reading disabilities can access stories.

2) Have book drives to donate to different programs around Connecticut, as well as start little libraries where kids can take and give books.

3) Get book buddies in schools around Connecticut so that older students can help younger students with reading.

In January I was inaugurated as a Cabinet Member along with Ellie, our Kid Governor, and the other Cabinet Members. Our classes came to Inauguration Day at Connecticut's Old State House, and we had a lot of fun learning about government and playing games! Then, in February, we had our first Cabinet Meeting in the Kid Governor's Office at the Old State House, where we talked about our platforms and did an awesome scavenger hunt.

Since the Statewide Election, I have been busy getting to work! I have launched my R.E.A.D. campaign which stands for Read Enjoy And Donate. For my campaign, I have asked for people to donate children’s books that will be used for new little libraries in 2 elementary schools in my town of Milford. Many of the books are also being donated to New Haven Reads. As of today, I have collected more than 500 books!

During Read Across America Week, I will be guest reading in many classrooms in my town of Milford. I will be having a book drive in my school that week as well. If a student donates a book, they will get a sticker that says “I donated a book today!” and will be entered into a raffle!

I am also working with RJ Julia Booksellers in Madison, CT to be a special guest at a book event for Connecticut schools with the author Katherine Applegate! I will be featured on Great Day Connecticut soon to talk about this event and my platform.

I will continue to work on my platform by creating a YouTube channel with me reading books and will continue to collect donated books. I would like to add more R.E.A.D. libraries in other schools around Connecticut, too!

If you would like to support my platform, you can donate books to be put into more R.E.A.D. libraries. You can also offer to read to younger students in your school or record yourself reading books to share with others! I would love to hear how you are helping improve literacy in your community. Email me at to tell me about your work. You can also visit to read about the other members of the Kid Governor’s Cabinet.

Liliana Magazine
2023 Kid Governor's Cabinet 
Meadowside Elementary School      

Monday, February 27, 2023

From the CTKG Cabinet: Meet Scarlet!

Hi, my name is Scarlet Beaulieu and I was a final candidate in the 2022 Connecticut’s Kid Governor Statewide Election. I’m now a member of the 2023 Kid Governor's Cabinet working with Kid Governor Ellie!

I ran on a platform that addresses littering. I chose this issue because I see littering and pieces of litter on the ground every day in my community and many more communities. My three-point platform is:

1) Make a club that provides outreach to expand participation in litter cleanup.         

2) Create a network to educate people about littering and raise community awareness through virtual and physical materials.           

3) Organize a Connecticut Trash Walk Day for schools and communities along with other cleanup activities.

Since the Statewide Election, I have been organizing a community litter cleanup on Earth Day (April 22nd) where I and other people from the community will take groups of community members to different parts of my town, Andover, and clean up around that area. Three of the clean-up stations include Andover Beach Lake, the Andover Town Hall area, and the Andover Public Library area.


If you would like to support my platform, you can go on litter cleanups, organize school cleanup walks, or spread awareness through social media and fliers around your school!

I would love to hear how you are making a difference around littering in your own community. Email to tell me all about it! You can also visit to read about the other members of the Kid Governor’s Cabinet.

Scarlet Beaulieu
2023 Kid Governor's Cabinet 
Andover Elementary School      

Thursday, February 23, 2023

From the CTKG Cabinet: Meet Jacob!

Hi, my name is Jacob Garay. I’m a member of the 2023 Kid Governor's Cabinet! I live in Hartford and I go to school at CREC Discovery Academy in Wethersfield. My platform addresses bullying. I chose this issue because 
bullying is wrong. I believe that everyone should be treated equally, and not judged by their looks or their differences. My three-point platform will help with this issue. It is to: 

1. Create bullying prevention clubs in Connecticut schools.

2. Inform people about bullying and educate kids about picking the right friends.

3. Create buddy schools for students from different schools to form friendships.

Since the Statewide Election, I started my term at Inauguration Day. I also had my first Cabinet Meeting with Kid Governor Ellie and my fellow Cabinet Members. We did a scavenger hunt around Connecticut's Old State House and learned along the way about Connecticut's history! My favorite part was visiting Joseph Stweard's Museum of Curiosities. Lastly, I have been working on my platform by being an upstander in my community, in school meetings, with friends, and by making new friendships too. I always try to stand up against bullying when I see it happening at my school! 

Here are some ideas for ways kids can help stop bullying in their communities. I want to try some of these this year! What ways will you try? 

  • Interview 5th graders about their feelings on bullying
  • Make uplifting cards for people that are feeling down
  • Start a club at your school about socializing and expressing yourself
  • Write about bullying, and maybe even try to publish it! 

I would love to hear how you are making a difference in your community on the topic of bullying! Email to tell me all about it. I hope you’re all making a difference in CT! 

Jacob Garay
2023 Kid Governor's Cabinet 
CREC Discovery Academy      

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Welcome To My Blog!

Hello, I am Ellie Mendez, the 2023 Connecticut's Kid Governor, and this is my first blog post!

I am so delighted to be your Kid Governor. Here is a little bit about me: I participate in gymnastics and soccer. I love playing with my puppy Dino! I like reading, math, and science. I like cheerleading, I like drawing or sketching, and I love hanging out with my friends and my family. My leadership qualities include being honest, driven for change, patient, loving, caring, and, last but not least, outgoing.

I ran for Kid Governor on my platform of Express and Address Your Feelings. I chose my platform because through my past experiences, I have learned that there haven't been enough resources for kids' mental health. I also chose this platform because some parents believe that the symptoms of anxiety and depression are just a phase and the child will get over it, or maybe that it is a behavioral disorder. But really, kids' mental health is real and very important. I want to help kids who don't have a voice and want to be heard but don't know how. 

I campaigned on a three-point platform: 

1. Promote strategies for Connecticut 5th graders to communicate their feelings.

2. Educate students about the signs of anxiety and depression and strategies to cope with those feelings.

3. Create a digital mental health hub with uplifting messages and interactive resources to inspire kids.

As Kid Governor, I will also work with my Cabinet. My Cabinet includes the other 6 finalists from the Kid Governor election, and they will also be writing blog posts this year too! I hope you also will take time to learn about my Cabinet members and their platforms, which are very important. I am so excited to start my term as the 2023 Kid Governor, and I am looking forward to working with my Cabinet members and with the 5th graders of Connecticut. Together we can make a difference for kids who have anxiety and depression! 

I want to hear from my constituents! If you are making a difference in your community, whether you are spreading kindness to kids who have anxiety or depression or doing anything else to help, please email me at You can also reach out to my Cabinet at

That is all for now! Make sure you stay tuned for more blog posts from me or my Cabinet!

Elisavet "Ellie" Mendez
2023 Kid Governor 
Monroe Elementary School

From the CTKG Cabinet: Meet Shaan!

Hello! My name is Shaan Patel. I am a member of the 2023 Kid Governor's Cabinet . I live in Southbury and I go to Pomperaug Elementary S...